meaning of bidushi: “one who has knowledge”

derived from the Sanskrit noun “viddya”, meaning “right knowledge” or “clarity”


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bidushi takes a contemporary look at the benefits of meditation, how it works, and its purpose for modern society. It explores the developing scientific research on meditation, tracks the people and organisations promoting its adoption, and invites views from specialists in different fields, to help anyone who is interested in the subject form a current view of its relevance.

Although the discipline has existed for thousands of years, modern enquiry into the processes and effects of meditation began in the 1970s. Clinical applications of meditation have now been developed, and interest in the subject continues to grow among everyone from neuroscientists to business leaders. Preliminary indications from research are that not only might meditation help alleviate types of physical and mental suffering, but its practice can help us train our minds in positive directions: concentration, clarity, compassion, and heightened awareness.


the editor

Hi, I’m Adiba Osmani.

reading lampI am increasingly convinced that the masters of meditation are onto something: that meditation has a big role to play in matters most important to being human – reducing suffering and illness, and developing our minds and consciousness.

As science is always catching up with reality, I became interested in what the growing evidence base has to say about the subject. I follow the developing research in psychology and neuroscience to understand its process and implications. I consult academic journals, books, blogs, and talk to the interested and interesting to develop my views. Bidushi shares the contents of my exploration.

Given that modern science has not yet unravelled how consciousness arises and where, if anywhere, it exists, it will be a while before we fully, scientifically, understand the effects of meditation. The search however is fascinating, and the implications, too significant to ignore.

A few points of note:

  • I am the creator of Bidushi and editor of all content. From 2013 to 2015 I was the sole author. More recently I’ve invited other contributors to write for Bidushi on selected topics.
  • Bidushi focusses on the scientific understanding of meditation as it grows, rather than on the substantial body of religious and philosophical work on the subject.
  • We endeavor to give a true picture of current understanding of meditation; if a study finds meditation to be ineffective or harmful for any purpose, or if experts raise objections to the claims for it, these will be included when relevant to the topic being discussed.
  • When reviewing the research we focus on material published in established, peer-reviewed journals, and give more weight to studies where the methodology involves randomised-controlled trials and a decent sample size.

A brief bio: